AI-enabled Insights

Power of Complete Market Research Automation  Understanding Customers the ResTech Way Quant & Qual with One Login Unified First-party Data for AI Models


Me-Grow Enterprise is an integrated Insights Management Platform powered by AI from global market research organization Markelytics Solutions. It is a 360° integrated product suite designed to build, engage, analyze, and improvise business strategies from real-time actionable insights.

Integrated Approach for Multi-modal methodologies & 360° MR Automation

The Whys, Hows and Whens!

Me-Grow Survey:
Decode the Consumers Conundrum

Create surveys, collect the insights that you need and get access to real-time results; all in one place. Become customer-centric with our intelligent tool for the future

AI-Built Surveys


Multilingual Surveys


Targeted Quota Management


Versatile Launch Options


Integrated Consumer Panel


Real-time Results Tracking


Automated Survey Creation


Flexible Survey Management


Advanced Dashboard Integration


Socio-economic Classification (SEC) Questions

Me-Grow Meeting:
Decipher the Hidden Metaphors

Conduct online FGDs and IDIs with ease using our Digital Conferencing tool. Enjoy features like backroom access, real-time translation, and discussion pausing. Plus, experience pioneering integrations including eye-tracking, facial coding, heat mapping, sentiment analysis, and transcription, all designed to enhance your research capabilities.


  • Join on the Go
  • Halt Discussions
  • In-call Polls/Questions
  • Authority Transfer


  • Flexible User Access Levels
  • Auto Transcription & Recording
  • Share Real-time Media
  • Advanced Analytics Through Gen-AI

Me-Grow Community:
Take it to the Masses

With both asynchronous and live qualitative and quantitative data together , our unified platform utilizes AI to organize and analyze responses in real-time. Gain faster, richer insights to make confident business decisions.


  • Posts & Discussions
  • Polls & Surveys Creation
  • Advanced Analytics with Gen-AI
  • Streamlined Activity Management
  • Comprehensive Rewards Portal

Me-Grow PanelHub: Panel & Project Management

A complete advanced solution for building & managing panels, projects, engaging customers, set up
& manage recruitment campaigns, reward management for panelists and monetizing user base.

Omni-channel Engagement

Performance Dashboard

Advanced Profiling Techniques

Automated Quality Checks

Personalized Customer Engagement

Survey Creation and Real-time Analytics Access

Customer Journey Maps

Ticket Management

From Time-consuming to Agile:
Transform Your Approach Today!

Ingenious integration of Survey, Community, Meetings, and PanelHub within a single platform powering users with both quantitative & qualitative research methods.

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